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Rs.70,000.00 Rs.56,000.00
Rs.49,000.00 Rs.39,200.00
Rs.58,000.00 Rs.46,400.00
Rs.44,000.00 Rs.35,200.00
Rs.92,000.00 Rs.73,600.00
Rs.65,000.00 Rs.52,000.00
Rs.77,000.00 Rs.61,600.00
Rs.52,000.00 Rs.41,600.00
Rs.45,000.00 Rs.36,000.00
Rs.37,000.00 Rs.29,600.00
Rs.58,000.00 Rs.46,400.00


Madiha Usman is the women behind the brand ‘MERAK’. Their designs are extremely elegant and feminine. The brand name Merak means adding to a great sense of happiness and fulfillment. It is a Siberian word and to achieve the full potential of this word one can feel the same sensation, wearing the clothes designed by Merak. It is a Lahore-based design house that is offering the finest quality hand-embellished, embroidery, and ready-to-wear apparel. All the designs seen under the label merak have been due to the hard work of the team from scratch to finishing focusing highly on the ongoing trends and demand of the clients. It also believes in providing quality products with the essence of elegance to it. The satisfaction of the client is of great importance to the brand and they have the company motto of ‘ON TIME EVERY TIME’. Extra focus is placed on customer satisfaction so that they can provide the best services and quality products to their clients at any cost.