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Sajni A multi designer store

Sajni; a multi-designer store is a retail store that sells clothing and accessories from multiple designers, rather than just one. It typically features a mix of established and up-and-coming designers and also sells limited edition or exclusive items. It is operating online and has one physical store but soon going to open multiple stores in famous cities of Pakistan. It also provides additional services such as styling and personal shopping.

Designers at sajni creates a wide variety of clothing for men, women, and kids including:

  • Ready-to-wear, which are clothes that are designed to be worn off-the-rack and are produced in standard sizes
  • Haute couture, which is one-of-a-kind, custom-fitted garments created for individual clients
  • Streetwear, which is casual clothing inspired by urban fashion and street culture
  • Evening wear, which includes formalwear such as gowns and suits for events such as black-tie parties and red-carpet events
  • Sportswear, which includes athletic and active wear such as workout clothes, swimwear, and performance gear
  • Bridal wear, which includes wedding dresses and accessories

Some designers focus on specific types of clothing, while others create a range of different styles. Additionally, some designer creates their fashion label and some may work for fashion houses.

There are several benefits of multi-designer stores:

  1. Variety: Multi-designer stores offer a wide range of clothing and accessories from different designers, which means customers have a greater selection to choose from.
  2. Discovery: These stores can be a great way for customers to discover new designers and new styles that they might not have otherwise come across.
  3. Exclusive items: Some multi-designer stores may carry exclusive items that are not available anywhere else, allowing customers to purchase unique, one-of-a-kind clothing.
  4. Personalized service: Some multi-designer stores may offer personalized services such as styling and personal shopping, which can be helpful for customers who are looking for a specific look or are unsure of what to buy.
  5. Cost-effective: For designers who are starting and don't have their store and also for customers who may not be able to afford full-priced designer clothing, multi-designer stores can be a more cost-effective way to purchase designer clothing.
  6. Support of emerging designers: Multi-designer stores can provide a platform for emerging designers to showcase and sell their designs, which can help them to build a customer base and gain recognition in the fashion industry.


Sajni designers are one of a kind. Merak, Sofia Rubab Couture, HM Zari, and Meerab Shahid’s new arrival are all about high-quality and well-crafted designs. These designs are versatile and can be worn in multiple ways. Mahnoor Muneer and Frizma’s Attire’s designs are personalized and unique. They reflect the current fashion trends in Pakistan. Other designers including Parnian, Bareeq, Hemstitch, Halima Closet, Anila Ilyas, Aqsa Asif, and Bebano make formal, semi-formal, and casual wear designed for specific customers, such as men, women, or children, or specific body types, such as plus size, petite, etc.

Moreover, Black Pret, Fairy Iman, Hayat, Norans, Rida Shah, Saad Lari Atelier, Saba Yasir, Zar by Tayyab baigh, Vestire, Surmai, and Soho Official’s designs are suitable for a variety of different looks and styles. Their designs are comfortable and effortless, made with lightweight and breathable fabrics, suitable for everyday wear, and more relaxed events. Many other designers are soon will be a part of Sajni to provide their inspirational designs which are reflections of their aesthetic and design philosophy.

Sajni provides an opportunity for new designers where they can often attract a diverse range of customers, which can provide new designers with valuable exposure to potential buyers and clients. Setting up and maintaining a standalone store can be costly, especially for new designers who may not have the resources or established customer base to support it. Participating in a multi-designer store like sajni can help to reduce these costs. It is also helpful in different ways, including exposure, networking opportunities, reduced costs, increased sales, and marketing and promotion. It can be a great way for new designers to get their foot in the door and establish a presence in the fashion industry. However, it is important for designers to carefully research and choose the right store like sajni to participate in, as not all multi-designer stores may be a good fit for their brand.


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