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Highlight the diva in you

There was a season, kaftans with a loose, flowing silhouette were becoming popular. Even though many of you might think it's only appropriate for the beach, this gorgeous outfit can be worn to any event with the right styling. We can’t say that kaftans are not as popular as they used to be. A kaftan is a must-have for the summer because it can be worn for multiple purposes and is available in a variety of designs, colors, lengths, and fabrics. However, to properly style this funky outfit, you'll need to know a few fundamentals. Ladies, we've compiled a list of essential advice on how to wear a kaftan with style.

·         Although kaftans are typically made of fluid materials, you should keep this in mind when selecting a kaftan for what occasion. For instance, to wear it for a beachside picnic or some other easygoing trip on a hot day, it is smarter to pick one made of a characteristic texture like cotton or silk. Even on a hot day, these organic fabrics help keep your body cool by absorbing sweat. For an evening party, on the other hand, you can choose fabrics like silk, rayon, satin, and georgette.

·         Kaftans are available in both short and long lengths. To get wearing it for a day in the office, then we recommend you to go for a medium-length printed kaftan, and group it up with a couple of stockings to finish your look. You can wear a short kaftan with slim-fit jeans or shorts for any casual outing.

·         Also, if you want to wear a kaftan to a friend or family member's wedding, get a long one. If you want to wear it to a cocktail party, for instance, you should choose a floor-length kaftan rather than a gown.

·         Because of its loose fit, a kaftan appears quite oversized, so it pairs well with small purses or bags. When you wear a kaftan, pick up a clutch or a small purse. Choose the one that best complements the color of your kaftan. By pairing a small purse with a kaftan, you can look extremely trendy for a casual outing. Also, for a nighttime party, wear a small, lovely clutch with your long, shiny kaftan. The entire thought isn't to exaggerate the size of your embellishments when you are wearing an enormous measured outfit.

·         If you wear a printed kaftan, finishing your look with a couple of nude heels is ideal. Indeed, even wedges work out positively for this lovely and exquisite outfit. A pair of high heels in either silver or gold, depending on the color of the bling in your kaftan, is all you need to wear this chic outfit to a party.

·         If you want to look sophisticated in a kaftan, you need to wear elegant jewelry with it. Even though embellished kaftans already have a lot of bling, you need to be careful when selecting jewelry for yourself. Therefore, it's best to wear heavy earrings or a sleek maang teeka rather than a neckpiece. You can also wear a sleek necklace with confidence if your kaftan is plain or printed. To complete your look, you can also wear a few subtle bangles or bracelets.

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